Course Name

SDP_NCL33_2022 - Raman Spectroscopic Measurements
Instructor Name :- Gokhale, Dr. S.P.


This course is intended for the students, faculty and industry personnel who wish to acquire the practical knowledge of Raman spectroscopic measurement technique. The Raman spectroscopy is extensively used to understand the nature of bonding, structural disorder, crystallinity, and to study the effects of physical and chemical stresses on materials’ properties. It offers a precise spectral fingerprint, unique to a molecule or molecular structure. Further, it is a nondestructive measurement technique with ease of sampling. Raman measurements are very useful in all sectors of industries – nanomaterials, semiconductors, polymers, life science, petrochemical, agrochemical, pharmaceuticals and dyes, etc.
Academic Year
: 2021


  • Commencement Date : 06/12/2021
  • End Date : 10/12/2021
  • Registration Deadline Date : 22/11/2021
  • Duration : 1 week
  • Seat Available : 15
  • Mode : Offline

Fee Details :

  • Indian - Student - 5000
  • Indian - Faculty - 10000
  • Indian - Industry Sponsored - 15000


M.Sc. (Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science) B.Tech., M.Tech. (Chemical Engineering, Material Science, Metallurgical Engineering, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology)